10 Best White-Label SaaS Platforms to Resell in 2024

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8 min readMar 22, 2024

Explore the top 10 readymade/white-label SaaS platforms to resell to scale your business and increase ROI.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, your topmost priority is always to save significant costs and improve ROI. In today’s digital landscape, where every business uses several apps, saving the cost of an app subscription is worth it.

Rather than developing your solutions from scratch, purchasing white-label SaaS solutions and customizing them will save costs while ensuring creativity.

White-label SaaS software is transforming businesses to deliver better customer experience at an affordable investment. If you look forward to scaling your business quickly in 2024, you must know about these top 10 white-label SaaS platforms to resell.

But first, understand what white-label SaaS software is.

What is a White label SaaS Software?

White-label SaaS software means the software or service developed and maintained by the business and then resold to others under their branding. That way, businesses do not have to build from scratch the software as per a specific use case and buy the white-label SaaS platform.

source- torchbankz

10 Popular Types of SaaS Platforms that are Whitelabeled

Today, the demand for white-label SaaS products is increasing. This is why, businesses are exploring new platforms to deliver cost-efficient solutions.

Below are the top 10 white-label SaaS platforms you can resell in 2024.

1. Email Marketing White label Services

Apart from texts, people generally rely on emails for instant and reliable communication. This is why, businesses include email marketing as a part of their core marketing strategy. 86% of users prefer personalized emails and offer codes from their loved brands.

Also, businesses see email marketing as a top tool to announce company news, and sales, or remarket to existing customers. Thus, businesses choose white-label email marketing services to stay ahead of the game and get quick results.

Some top examples of white-label email marketing platforms to resell in 2024 are- MailChimp, Brevo, HubSpot email marketing, and Constant Contact.

2. White-label SEO Tools

If you are a digital marketer, SEO has been a nightmare for you with constant Google updates. But it works like magic in improving your website’s visibility, driving traffic, and improving your website’s quality.

75% of marketers say that implementing SEO strategically is beneficial in achieving marketing goals. This white-label SaaS SEO software helps you optimize your website for search engines, and improves your Google rankings while ensuring quality content.

However, businesses lack the expertise and relevant SEO tools to perform SEO activities, raising the demand for white-label SEO tools.

Some top examples of white-label SEO platforms to resell in 2024 are- SEMrush and Ahref.

3. White label Chatbots Services

Chatbots have become a new necessity for every online business to drive seamless interaction between the brand and the customer. Integrating chatbots has improved lead generation and outbound marketing by analyzing customers’ real-time needs.

It is raising the demand for chatbot development and integration services.

source- botsify

Reasons businesses choose white-label chatbots-

  • Improves lead generation and conversion
  • Customize customer support easily with white-label chatbots.
  • Save time and money.
  • Improve brand reputation with personalized chat experiences.
  • Expand services by adding white-label chatbots to existing platforms.
  • Stay ahead by using efficient white-label chatbot technology.

Some top examples of white-label chatbots to resell in 2024 are- Instabot, Engati, and Wotnot.

4. White-label Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become a significant communication channel for everyone to express their opinions and interact. Understanding their emotions through social media can help businesses get crucial insights.

Thus, social media monitoring is necessary. It helps businesses track your targeted segment, and analyze their emotions, what products they are talking about, and others. As a business, you will get information that will help you improve your products and curate personalized experiences for them.

Some top examples of white-label social media monitoring tools to resell in 2024 are- Sendible, Sprout Social, and Planable.

5. White-label Landing Page Builders

Creating high-converting landing pages is possible with the right landing page builder tool. Such tools offer an intuitive interface with a simple drag-and-drop feature. You can customize the entire webpage that resonates with your target audience to drive more conversions.

Offering your customers white-label landing page builder tools helps them make interactive websites irrespective of technical knowledge. Not only this, these tools will help them A/B test their web page performance, make small changes, built-in templates for quick results, and more.

Top Picks for White Label Landing Page Builders in 2024- Leadpages and Unbounce.

6. White-label CMS Software

Content management systems allow customers to design, manage, and publish online content. Users can create webpages and blogs, and add animation, images, and video while controlling the overall display across devices.

Users must not have the technical expertise to build and host websites, raising the demand for reselling white-label CMS platforms across industries. It is a simple yet powerful way to build amazing websites with less effort.

By opting for white-label CMS software, businesses can-

  • Brand and personalize websites easily with white-label CMS software.
  • Skip the hassle of building a CMS system from scratch and save time and money.
  • Concentrate on business goals, not technicalities, with ready-to-use CMS software.
  • Grow revenue streams by selling the CMS under their brand.
  • Stay agile and adaptable with a flexible white-label CMS solution.

Top Picks for White Label CMS Software in 2024- OnGraph, Zoho CRM, HubSpot.

7. White-label Project Management Tools

Running several projects altogether across various channels is crucial for every manager. Businesses use white-label project management tools to optimize resources, integrate third-party suppliers, plan projects, create bids, integrate fraud detection strategies, and other features to control budgets, survey panels, and manage quality.

Source- OnGraph

With the high demand, the market for project management software is increasing and is dominating each sector, especially market research. Running multiple campaigns across different social channels has become easier.

Many businesses struggle to meet these demands due to a lack of expertise in building project management tools. So they choose white-label SaaS project management tools that they can customize as per their specific business requirement.

Choose OnGraph’s White Label SaaS Project Management Tool to resell in 2024.

8. White-label E-commerce Development Services

White-label e-commerce development platforms help businesses with pre-built, customizable solutions that they can resell under their brand.

These platforms offer a range of features and functionalities that help companies and resellers quickly launch and manage online stores for their clients.

It helps businesses cover every aspect of e-commerce development from managing online stores to integrating secure payment gateways, managing inventory, cart management, and seamless checkouts.

Leading White Label E-Commerce Development Platforms for 2024- OnGraph, Shopify, and Magento.

9. White-label Marketing Automation Tools

Businesses must invest significantly in marketing strategies. But reaching out to a large audience, tracking them, and understanding them across channels is challenging.

Choosing white-label marketing automation tools helps businesses-

  • Streamline their marketing efforts.
  • Create personalized email campaigns and social media posts
  • Track the real-time effectiveness of campaigns
  • Tailored email workflows
  • Reach a wider audience at the right time without manual intervention

Leading White Label E-Commerce Development Platforms for 2024- OnGraph, Automate.io, and Sendinblue.

10. White-label Reporting Tools

Tracking the performance of your strategies is crucial for accurate decision-making. Choosing white-label reporting tools is easy to integrate and customize as per changing business requirements.

These tools allow businesses to

  • Customize dashboards
  • Automate their reporting activities
  • Monitor business KPIs and quick feedback
  • Generate customized reports
  • Easy import and export in various formats
  • Drive real-time insights

Businesses must integrate these white-label SaaS offerings to help their customers streamline operations, improve marketing strategies, and provide value-added services.

As the demand for SaaS platforms and services is accelerating, businesses are reselling white-label SaaS platforms to succeed in a competitive market.

Benefits of White-label SaaS Software

Below are several compelling reasons for choosing white-label SaaS software in 2024.

Branding and visibility

Your brand creates a first impression for your potential customers. They must be able to connect with its quality.

White-label SaaS software allows you to create an identity that complements your brand. You can choose your elements, and logos and customize them to your specific needs with less investment in development.

White-label SaaS Software lets you customize your existing version and add new features and functionalities that seamlessly reflect your brand.

Speed to market

The best part of working with White-label SaaS Software is that you do not have to be involved in the development work of the software. Businesses can use the software as it is and customize it accordingly. It speeds up the entire process from launching the platform to generating quick conversions.

Cost-effective solutions

The cost-effectiveness of the white-label SaaS software is the crucial reason businesses are using it. It saves development costs and risks associated with developing the software.

You do not have to maintain a large infrastructure or servers to host your applications. Your SaaS provider will handle everything, from maintaining and managing every update. You can focus on core business operations, reducing technical and technological costs.

Competitive advantage

White-label SaaS software helps your business stand out among the competitors, giving you more brand visibility. Such white-label solutions allow you to customize solutions by integrating the latest trends and technologies that fit your needs, creating unique products.

Well, several businesses are offering white-label solutions to their customers. Let’s see what OnGraph has to offer.

OnGraph’s White-Label Services

AI-powered Panel Management Tool

We offer a white-label SaaS project management tool to help businesses thrive in the market research vertical and manage complex projects.

It lets businesses-

  • Create and manage bids
  • Intuitive dashboard to manage and integrate third-party suppliers
  • Latest fraud detection techniques for effective surveys
  • Organize and run surveys across channels
  • Effective team management
  • Advanced and quick reporting

Recently, we launched project management tool v2.0 for more effective and advanced project planning. Connect with us to know its key updates.

Readymade solutions

We have expanded our expertise in providing white-label solutions for dating apps, taxi apps, food delivery platforms, and more.

These white-label SaaS platforms allow you to customize features and functionalities to develop unique solutions for your unique business needs. To help you develop cost-effective solutions, we offer a streamlined process to help you scale.

Scale with OnGraph’s white-label SaaS platforms

It does not matter whether you are a small or established business, white-lable SaaS software is beneficial for everyone. In 2024, OnGraph has emerged as a leading company offering multiple white-label SaaS software for you to resell.

Leveraging next-gen technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain, OnGraph can build white-label solutions for different verticals. What makes OnGraph your go-to option for efficient and cost-effective white-label solutions-

  • 15+ years of expertise and experience
  • Consistent support and collaboration
  • Trusted by top brands
  • Integrating the latest trends and technologies
  • Diverse white-label SaaS platform offerings

Connect with OnGraph and pick your choice of white-label SaaS software and customize it as per your business needs.



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