Why You Must Hire a Digital Transformation Company?

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11 min readMar 14, 2024

Scale your business with digital transformation company skills and expertise. Learn tips to hire the best in the market.

The COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation than it was expected. I guess everyone will agree with that. Today, companies want to change the way they operate by embracing digital technologies to stay ahead of the changing market needs.

However implementing them strategically is not a cup of tea for everyone, especially those who do not belong to technology but want to succeed in this competitive ecosystem.

As a result, businesses are turning to digital transformation companies for their assistance in driving change. However, that change is not limited to the operations but also emphasizes cultural change in driving successful digital transformation.

But the question arises what do these digital transformation companies do and how they can help businesses delve deeper into the intricacies of embracing technologies, driving results, and delivering seamless customer experience?

In this article, you will learn the top reasons to hire a digital transformation consulting firm and how it can do wonders in different industries.

But, first, let’s understand what digital transformation means for the industry.

Understanding Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means the integration of digital technologies into all operational areas to transform the way you operate to create better experiences.

But, digital transformation goes beyond it.

You cannot just transform digitally by implementing the latest techs within businesses, you also need to change your mindset to embrace agility and innovation. It is not a one-time project or investment, it is a strategic capability to evolve and stay ahead of current market needs by leveraging technologies.

Rather than a luxury, digital transformation has become a need of the time, to stay ahead, achieve goals, bind customers, and generate ROI.

According to Flexera report, digital transformation has become a priority for 74% of businesses, due to its potential to revolutionize, break silos, and create new opportunities for quicker growth.

With the expansion of digital transformation, we have now entered the industry 5.0 era, where man and machine work together to make the best financial decisions for a company, enabling-

  • Greener and sustainable solutions
  • Enhancing personalization and creativity
  • Risk reduction of human errors

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Reasons to Hire Digital Transformation Consulting Firms

Working with a digital transformation company, you will see quick results and success. Gartner highlights that numerous companies face challenges aligning their business and marketing strategies with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Therefore, enlisting the services of a digital transformation agency such as OnGraph can prove immensely beneficial.

  • Establishing Strong Partnerships

The digital transformation consulting firm maintains robust relationships with major partners, which are instrumental in facilitating your digital transformation journey.

Leveraging core digital transformation tools and services such as cloud computing, business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), and customer relationship management (CRM), they equip your business to address challenges effectively and foster steady growth.

  • Strategic Thinking and Clarity

Digital transformation progresses swiftly, akin to a high-speed race. Many businesses invest considerable time and effort in strategies that may not yield desired outcomes or align with crucial objectives, resulting in failed transformation endeavors.

Engaging a digital transformation consultant or a digital transformation company ensures a clear perspective from the outset, preventing resource wastage. They streamline processes, identify priority stages, and optimize resource allocation for enhanced efficiency and budget utilization.

  • Proactive Risk Management

Digital technology introduces both opportunities and risks. Understanding digital transformation principles enables effective risk management, fostering a balanced perspective and innovative risk exploitation for growth.

Leveraging industry-specific digital transformation tools and technology innovation expertise, digital transformation consulting firms anticipate and capitalize on growth opportunities amidst foreseeable risks across various sectors, whether it’s healthcare or banking.

  • Employee Training and Adoption

Digital transformation necessitates internal and external innovation. Regardless of their experience level, employees encounter challenges in adapting to new processes and models. Implementing a comprehensive training program is crucial to expedite technology adoption and ensure seamless digital transformation.

Digital transformation consultants or digital transformation company tailors training plans to different staff levels, ensuring everyone within the organization is proficient in the new technology landscape.

  • Long-term Cost Savings

A well-crafted digital transformation strategy yields substantial long-term benefits, including business growth and budget optimization. Poor user experiences can result in significant economic losses, underscoring the importance of a knowledgeable digital expert in optimizing existing capabilities and integrating new technologies.

By streamlining digital capabilities, businesses can save significant costs over time. Understanding its importance, businesses invest 40% of technology spending towards digital transformation.

Role of digital transformation company Across Different Industries

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the role of digital transformation companies is indispensable across various sectors. From revolutionizing HR processes to reshaping the digital workplace, digital transformation firms play a pivotal role in driving innovation and efficiency.

Let’s explore how digital transformation consulting firms are transforming industries.

HR Digital Transformation

Digital transformation consulting firms handle all HR digital transformation initiatives, from optimizing talent management processes to enhancing employee experiences and streamlining recruitment processes.

These agencies leverage digital transformation tools, such as AI-powered recruitment platforms and cloud-based HR systems, to attract, retain, and develop top talent.

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Restaurant Digital Transformation

You might have seen a drastic change in the restaurant industry, from online delivery to fast-track operations. digital transformation has completely redefined customer experiences and improved revenue growth.

Digital transformation companies are helping restaurants implement innovative solutions like online ordering systems, secured mobile payment options, and efficient data analytics tools to personalize customer interactions and improve operational efficiency.

Retail Digital Transformation

In the retail industry, you might have seen the integration of AI, ML, AR, and VR-like technologies that have improved customer retention over time, by enhancing satisfaction in buying. Customers do not have to visit the stores in person to experience how they look in a specific costume. So what makes it possible?

Digital transformation. It has helped the retail industry by leveraging the latest techs. Retail digital transformation focuses on delivering seamless omnichannel experiences, optimizing inventory management, and leveraging data analytics for targeted marketing strategies.

Digital transformation consulting firms collaborate with retail businesses to implement advanced technologies like IoT devices, RFID tagging, and AI-powered analytics to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. One of the famous examples is Amazon Go, which has changed the people shop and exit.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Not only fashion, but the workplace is also evolving. From offline working to online, everything is now possible. Technologies like cloud computing and AI have made it easier for people to operate anywhere irrespective of their location and time.

Digital transformation companies facilitate digital workplace transformation, emphasizing remote collaboration, enhancing productivity, and fostering a culture of innovation.

Adopting digital transformation tools, cloud-based productivity suites, and virtual communication platforms, workplaces are now expanding from four walls to a global landscape.

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Digital Transformation in Higher Education

If you are a parent, you must have heard of smart classes, VR experiences, and much more. Education is now on the tips with a touch of the internet.

Digital transformation is reshaping teaching, learning, and administrative processes with technologies like AR/VR, AI, ML, Chatbots, and Virtual assistants that are redefining online education.

This has changed the outlook on how students collaborate with teachers irrespective of their time and location.

Today most educational institutions are taking the help of Digital transformation companies to reshape their e-learning platforms, student information systems, and digital campus solutions, for better accessibility and efficiency.

To streamline your business operational journey and transform it as per the latest market demand, you must collaborate with a digital transformation consultancy firm.

Biggest Digital Transformation Challenges in 2024

Whenever a business process changes, it might face challenges, the same goes while implementing digital transformation. Thus, it is important to highlight those challenges.

Lack of Organizational Change Management Strategy

Organizational change management involves a structured approach to handling changes within a company. It significantly impacts the digital initiatives, impacting the organization negatively.

A robust strategy addresses cultural shifts, process modifications, and overall business model adaptation, enhancing the likelihood of transformation success.

Lack of Expertise

Digital transformation demands specialized skills and knowledge. A significant talent gap can slow down the progress.

According to KPMG, many organizations lack skilled staff for digital transformation. About 44% of respondents said they didn’t have enough experts, 32% found hiring new talent and systems costly, and 29% faced delays due to a shortage of skills in implementing digital systems. This shortage includes skills in digital transformation, cybersecurity, and other IT and non-IT areas.

Key areas requiring proficiency include cloud computing, AI, mobile app development, UX design, and cybersecurity. Bridging this skill gap entails investing in employee education and training to ensure successful adaptation to digital changes.

Continuous Evolution of Customer Needs

Evolving customer expectations pose challenges for organizations undergoing digital transformation. Despite significant efforts, meeting these dynamic needs requires ongoing adaptation and implementation of new technologies.

Organizations must remain agile to deliver intuitive services that align with shifting customer demands.

Internal Resistance to Change

Workforce resistance is one of the biggest challenges to adapting to change and learning new technologies. Even if you have implemented the latest digital transformation tools or technologies but failed to change the mindset, you will not succeed in transforming.

Creating awareness organization-wide can be one of the most prominent digital transformation problems. This problem can only be solved if you have expert people who govern the right strategy to move forward.

Security Concerns

As we have experience changing working models, from online to hybrid. Providing remote users with external access comes with significant challenges. One of those challenges is cybersecurity risks.

Any hacker can find the link easily and leverage that exposed loop within the organization- creating havoc. Implementing robust security measures is essential to safeguard organizational assets and mitigate potential threats posed by digital transformation.

Budget Constraints

Digital transformation entails significant investment, often constrained by budget limitations. Effective planning and budget allocation are critical to address customer and organizational needs.

Organizations must develop strategies that balance budget constraints with transformation objectives to ensure sustainable progress and success.

Digital transformation consulting firms help businesses identify and mitigate these risks through robust risk management strategies, cybersecurity measures, and stakeholder engagement initiatives.

How OnGraph Can Help You Overcome Digital Transformation Risks?

A successful digital transformation relies on three key factors: Strategy, Mindset, and Skill/Tech.

Finding a balance among all elements is crucial for a successful journey. Partnering with digital transformation firms can help you unlock new opportunities.

Let’s see how OnGraph, as a digital transformation company can help you overcome your digital transformation journey.

Aligning digital transformation approach with business outcomes

To ensure a successful digital shift, our digital transformation approach aligns with your business outcomes. We help you prioritize your digital spending, ensuring a cost-effective way to achieve goals. Then based on the outcome we help you decide where to invest and which area you must focus on. We help you reframe your vision for long-term success.

Include organizational change as a core element of digital transformation

Making change at an organizational level is challenging, but is crucial to staying ahead in this ever-changing digital landscape.

We help you assess cultural impediments to digital transformation. We build a transformation strategy, providing a roadmap to successful implementation and digital change. As this transformation comes with the mindset from top levels, we ensure to eliminate resistance from employees and embrace change for the greater good.

Encourage Change management

Gartner says earlier transformations are less complex than those in previous years. Today, we have a more involved decision-making process, including from employees to top management.

We encourage change management, to overcome internal resistance while spreading awareness and take a tactical approach to change the mindset to sustain the transformation.

We help teams leverage digital transformation tools and technologies for transparent communication and feedback. This way, businesses can eliminate data silos and make contextual and data-driven decisions.

Build a solid digital transformation strategy

To support your business vision, we help build solid implementation plans that support your business initiatives and complement your vision.

To develop a sustainable plan, we look for areas that need digital transformation, and what digital technology tools we can incorporate to help you achieve business goals.

Bridge the skill gap

We help to upskill your employees by investing in the right digital training, ensuring everyone is in for the same purpose.

It will help teams to adapt successfully to the digital shift and effectively integrate the tools throughout their work processes. This not only bridges the gap but also enhances their productivity.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

To ensure a secure digital transformation, we set up proactive monitoring to identify problems early. Use patch management to find and fix weaknesses in third-party apps.

Make cybersecurity a central part of your transformation plan. It’ll need a decent budget to work well, but the cost of not protecting your data is even higher. So, we ensure you have solid risk management and cybersecurity measures in action.

Adopt Low or No-Code Solutions

A simple way to tackle digital transformation hurdles is by using low-code or no-code solutions. Not only do these options help avoid resistance from employees, but they also empower them to utilize new technology without requiring advanced technical expertise.

Explore digital transformation services companies to create custom apps and streamline processes, smoothing the path for a faster digital transformation journey.

For those struggling to find the right digital workplace transformation, connect with the top digital transformation companies like OnGraph.

Break Down Digital Transformation Barriers with OnGraph

Successful digital transformation involves more than just adopting new technologies. Simply embracing the latest tech doesn’t ensure success. Along the way, you’ll face various obstacles that impact your progress.

Many businesses struggle to invest in digital transformation due to pandemic-related losses, posing a significant barrier. Implementing digital solutions is costly and demands substantial investments.

However, you can overcome these hurdles by addressing the obstacles head-on. Make changes to your organizational structure and culture. Opt for a flexible architecture and a digital transformation company capable of accommodating different technologies.

Above all, seek assistance from reputable digital transformation consultancy firms like OnGraph to help you establish a scalable business.



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